Thursday, June 25, 2015

Feature: How to Nail the Boho Crown Braid

Trust us: This mesh is path less demanding than it looks—and its an extraordinary approach to get your hair off your neck in the mid year. Begin by raking a smoothing cream through your hair to manageable frizz and flyaways. Next, make a profound side part and French twist one side, pulling the hair toward the opposite side of your head as you interlace (this will keep the hair from packing and expanding when you wrap the plait around your head). Secure the end of the twist with a bobby pin. Rehash the French plaiting on the other side. On the off chance that you have fine hair, sprinkle a touch of texturizing powder down the length of every twist and pull at them from scalp to tip until the meshes are fat and full. Next, traverse the other and wrap them around your head to frame a crown, tucking and sticking the closures under every mesh. Stick along the length of the plaits to keep them set up. Haul out any flyaways to give them a chance to free: This mesh looks best when its mussed up and unpolishe.

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