Monday, June 22, 2015

Betta-Fish Hair Is the New Mermaid Hair

The brightest new hair slant, the sweetest hair-gift feature, and a healthy skin addict's excursion to Korea, all in today's Alluring Links. First and foremost is was mermaid hair, then unicorn hair, and now, betta-fish hair is drifting. [Refinery 29] Dim chocolate gets all the consideration, yet there's some energizing news for aficionados of milk chocolate. [Byrdie] Make an effort not to cry as you watch what happens to this present lady's given hair. [PopSugar] Kim Kardashian declared the sexual orientation of her second infant on Instagram… obviously. [Instagram] This is the thing that happens when a healthy skin addict visits Korea (we're superjealous). [Fashionista] Everybody is fixating on aggravation, and perhaps in light of current circumstances. [Well and Good] Battling through summer sans cooling? Attempt this face cover. [Refinery 29] Taylor Swift figured out how to persuade Apple to change its approaches; here are some different issues individuals need her to settle, as well. [Mashable] These are the ten things individuals with extraordinary skin dependably do. [StyleCaster] Kendall Jenner made an orangey-red matte lipstick, and you can purchase it at this time. [Instagram] Photograph: HAIRSTORY STUDIO

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